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4D Jackpot Game 4D JACKPOT Game is the latest game introduced by Magnum. It combines both the popular 4D and a Jackpot element which will now allow players to win MILLIONs in Jackpot prizes! All you have to do is pick two 4-digit numbers to form a pair and for RM2, you can now be on your way to change your Lifestyle!

4D Classic is a simple game of chance. It is simple and easy to play.

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 Draw No: 497/15
29.7.2015 WED
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1st prize
2nd prize
3rd prize
 special consolation
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Jackpot 1 Prize:
RM 17,992,197.97
Jackpot 2 Prize:
RM 133,514.70
Come back later to see if JP1 and/or JP2 Prizes have been won!
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